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    Where is my fund after domain sold

    Someone purchased my domain name. Now, the domain is showing under "sold" in my account. This is the first time I sold a domain name. I didn't manually define those payee account settings.


    After my domain is sold, I went into the payee account setting, I saw by default my email contact address in the godaddy record has been used as PayPal account to receive the fund. However, that email address in fact has no PayPal.


    And I immediately change that to my correct PayPal account.


    My questions:

    - where is my fund for the sales of my domain now? (would it be lost if my original default Payee account setting does not have Paypal?)

    - after the sale of a domain, when will the fund transferred to the seller's PayPal?

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    Former Employee


    Typically after you sell your domain name it can take some time for funds to be transferred to your payee account. Usually the process is it will first verify the funds from the buyer. Once those funds are verified they will then exchange the domain with the funds. It's never within 48 hrs, typically a few days.



  goes directly to the Auctions Support Team, they can look up your payee account and verify/confirm the status of your funds. 


    If funds were sent to an incorrect location we will work to get the funds returned and resent to your updated payee information.