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Getting paid for sold domain name while living abroad - Payment for Domain Sold?



I just had an offer on one of my domain names which I accepted so now it is listed as sold.

So how do I get the money? Also, for my situation, I live in Cambodia at the moment so I cannot use paypal. I need some sort of western union service. Do we work out payment with the buyer?

PS I tried calling tech support and the machine lady refuses to understand what I'm looking for and always just ends up cancelling on me.

PPS When does the online chat tech support go online? I see it here but its listed as offline.


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i think any misunderstanding comes because we are ALL living abroad but have no problems getting paid for a domain sold. We don't phone support wanting a western union cash payment though. 


if you have an account then you will be paid through the normal chanels providing the sale goes through.