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New time frame for domain owners to renew domain names - DNS-dependent services

Godaddy recently made changes to their domain name expiry process and I wanted to give you some insight. GoDaddy has changed the domain renewal timeline from 42 days to 30 days for most domains. Based on their research, less than 1% of their customers renew the domain after 30 days.


Starting Dec 4th, the following changes will happen to expired domain names: 

• After Day 5 of expiration, DNS, email, hosting, redirecting and any other DNS-dependent services will be interrupted and stop working. 

• After Day 30 of expiration, domain names are no longer able to be renewed or transferred away.


Remember, you are able to go into your "expired domains" menu, unlock the domains and request the authorization code for transfer to another registrar up until the 30 days. For participants in Godaddy's expired domain name auctions, this means that domain owners can now longer renew the domain name(s) once you have won them at expired auction.



@justingodfreythanks for the info justindgodfrey.