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Adding Age, Traffic & Value To Auction Listing

I didn't see a Seller Category so I hope that this one best fits. Anyways I noticed when I am viewing a domain I have listed on a 7 day auction that it doesn't show Estimated Value, Age of Domain or Traffic. Traffic I could see having to do something special to get set up but how do I tell the listing to populate the other 2 fields?


When I mange the domain all this information is listed on the page. One would think it would carry over when posted for sale.


Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks in advance,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Adding Age, Traffic & Value To Auction Listing

Hi @twdesigns. Thanks for posting. You picked the right forum, so congrats there 😁 As for your question, estimated value, age, and traffic only appear for expired domain listings currently. I believe there are plans to allow some or all of these features for regular listings as well, but I'm not sure when/if those features will be available. Sorry. 


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Re: Adding Age, Traffic & Value To Auction Listing

That's what I needed to know! Thank you very much.