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Change default hosting account domain - hosting account can only host one domain at a time.

I purchased a godaddy hosting account attached with a domain name. Later, I registered another domain and want to host in as the primary domain in my hosting account whereas deleting the previous primary domain name.

I changed the nameservers of the domain name at the other registrar to and which was successfully saved and as well successfully changed the primary domain name to the new domain. But the website doesn't function yet.

I tried hosting the domain on another hosting account off godaddy and it worked but transferring back to godaddy has been an issue.

The previous domain name is while the new domain name is


Please help.

PS: the hosting account can only host one domain at a time.


Hello @Chidi!


Thank you for posting. The method for changing your primary domain depends on the type of hosting you have. I'll provide the guides below:


cPanel Hosting



If you have a different type of hosting, try searching here for 'change primary domain [insert hosting type.]'

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