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Help with domain transfer


I am trying to move my domain registration from Squarespace to Go Daddy.


However as i try, the email that the security info is getting sent to, is not mine. Looking it up in Whois, it says:



The email address that's registered is theirs, and i have no access. So can't complete the process. Squarespace do give you a transfer key, but GoDaddy asks for Security code and Auth code.


How can i change the email in WhoIs?




Two possible problems:


1. You aren't the admin contact. Ask Squarespace to set that to you (you might be able to do that in Squarespace's control panel)


2. You have whois privacy enabled which is obscuring your domain contact info. Squarespace will have to disable that also


Tucows are just the domain provider than Squarespace use

I'm trying to transfer my current domain to squarespace, but I also want to keep this site active/not have to delete it.

Would the best way be to purchase another domain and assign that to this site, and transfer this one? I just really don't want to transfer the domain and delete my entire wordpress. 

Hi @arigdon


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Yes, you can create/register a new domain and change the domain you are using on your WordPress Hosting. The instructions in the link below will help you in making that change.


Changing Your WordPress Domain Name:



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