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Not Receiving Email To Transfer Domain

I've tried multiple times but it looks as though GD is unwilliing to send the authorisation code to transfer my domain lol.

Why am I not surprised.


Re: Not Receiving Email To Transfer Domain

So, my domain expires in a couple of days and I'm unable to get the code to transfer.

Are GoDaddy liable if the domain is lost? This could have legal ramifications for me if the domain is not transferred in time. has anyone been in a similar situation at OhDaddy?

I've never experienced this on any other registrar. OhDaddy is a nightmare to work with.


Re: Not Receiving Email To Transfer Domain

Hi @Tinerfeno,


While you haven't mentioned the domain, there could be several reasons why you are unable to receive the authorization code. 

> Have you updated the registrant in the last 60 days (ICANN lock)? This may have also happened in a recent change-of-account (from another GoDaddy account).

> Was the domain transferred INTO GoDaddy in the last 60 days (ICANN lock)?

> Is your domain a CCTLD (country-code domain)? The code for many of those domains have to be requested from our support team, so that the request can be escalated for you.

> Is the administrative email address on the domain valid?


You can also download your code using the article here. 




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