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Transfer Domain To Tumbr

Hello all,

Wondering if someone can help me please. I've done something incredibly stupid and meddled with technology I know very little about. I have a hosted site on Wordpress through Go Daddy called I wanted to eventually move the site to Tumblr as I believe it's easier to share content and would attract more readers, possibly. Tumblr has an option in the settings to use a custom domain which I tried to use however it said that my A record needed to point to a particular IP address. I copied the IP address and changed the A record on GoDaddy, went back to Tumblr to test it but received the same message. I then thought I could resolve it with a domain forward which I implemented and is now live. However I still wanted to use the Tumblr custom domain option to keep it neat without me having to fool around in the GoDaddy backend. I made a record of the original A record however when I paste it back in to GD, it says No Record Found.

I don't know if that means my original site is lost forever or what 😞 So in a perfect world, what I would like is to restore my Wordpress site and then use the Tumblr option to use a custom domain. Does GD have a feature where I can use my exiting domain to another site and have it do all the heavy lifting for me, so to speak?

Does this make sense? Hoping someone can help this fool 🙂

Thank you in advance.

Helper IV
Helper IV

Re: Transfer Domain To Tumbr

As long as you have not cancelled your hosting account, it should still be there. I would look in your hosting account for the IP address associated with the hosting and replace that in the A record. It should update within a few hours, but can take up to 24 hours.


If it still is not coming up, cal GoDaddy and ask for hosting support and they will be able to see behind the scenes what is going on.


Hope that helps.


P.S. - I did not know Tumblr had a web hosting platform. I know it as a social media platform only, but perhaps they have made some changes. From a search engine standpoint, WordPress is the best out there.

Re: Transfer Domain To Tumbr

Thanks for your help!! I was using the IP address that had been there previously which clearly must have renewed or something? Anyways I logged back to the hosting part and grabbed my IP address and put it in the A name site is back!!! Thanks so much for your help, Doc Tony 🙂