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Basic Questions on HOSTING

This is the first time i am posting here after getting absolute zero help from GoDaddy

1. I struggled to host custom copy of Joomla version. However after hosting, in Joomla > System Information > I have all my files unwritable. Where should I grant permission so as to view the hosted site?

2. In Hosting, I need to change my default FTP username which is READ ONLY. I need to change FTP Access to another account with read and write?

3. Is there any email support from GoDaddy? I purchased GoDaddy 3 year Deluxe plan and I am absolutely NOT interested in hosting my projects due to worst performance. Any chance of contacting GoDaddy from overseas via email?


Helper III

Hi @abdulsalam,


If you can't call from your personal phone #, I recommend finding a different way to call GoDaddy's customer support.


Ah, Joomla. I remember when started over-shadowing that CMS's popularity back in early 2000. I've thought about implementing that application in my own business plan, but and seem like the more dominant (popularized) web applications.


For starters, what type of hosting are you using? All you need to do is backup your FTP files, upload a brand new Joomla application on your domain via your new GoDaddy hosting, and manually upload the backed up FTP files to your hosting File Manager.


If you need further help, tag my profile so I'll get a notification, and I'll see what I can do. Gl.