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FTP suddenly stopped working

I have a webcam website that's been working just fine since 2013. It automatically uploads an image via FTP every two minutes. As of April 25, I can no longer connect via FTP. The only way I can access my website files is via "cPanel File Manager v3" which means my website won't work. 

I even tried installing new FTP software (FireFTP and Cyberduck) but nothing works. (My login and password are not wrong, I've checked it a billion times.)

I even tried creating a new FTP account. It connects for a second, but gives an error "Your bandwidth usage is restricted." I checked, and my FTP bandwidth for April so far only 6.62 GB; Dec was 10.88 GB.

What gives, Godaddy? I didn't change my hosting account, did you suddenly cut down my bandwidth? I can't even figure out how to check how much FTP bandwidth I'm paying for? Anyone have any ideas or know where to find my FTP allotment?