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File won't upload, stuck at 100%



My file will not upload to my File Manager.


I have tried multiple times on different days with different computers and with different internet.

The file is 2.4GB it uploads and reaches 100% but it won't show in my File manager. It simple stays at the dialogue box displaying 100% completed. It is very frustrating. Can anyone help me?



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Re: File won't upload, stuck at 100%


your file is too large 🙈🙉🙊



Re: File won't upload, stuck at 100%

Hey @TimBoYO,


I'm leaning towards agreement with @Anonymous</a> on this one. 


The content may have fully uploaded, but my best guess without having access to the hosting plan is that due to the sheer size of the file something is hanging on the back end still trying to process and finalize the upload. 


Was this a .zip archive file? If possible, I'd recommend breaking the file into smaller chunks for upload (usually under 1 GB). 


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Re: File won't upload, stuck at 100%

I've noticed that it does that too, even if it's a tiny file (like less than 4 MB). It won't confirm that the file has been uploaded. It's very vague and I hope it can be developed more. I attached a screen shot to indicate a similar predicament I've found myself in. 


HScreen Shot 2017-09-18 at 9.23.11 AM.png