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Getting error [an error occurred while processing this directive] where website menu should be

Just started getting this error where my website menus are typically located. Not sure why, no changes were made.

Helper VI

@Bill12 can you tell what do you use to build your site? Is it custom code, a CMS, a sitebuilder?

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This site was built in Dreamweaver CS6 and the error is in the drop down menu section that is built with Pop Menu Magic 3. The site is also being updated with Contribute (which I don't have access to). On Sunday, the live menus were replaced by [an error occurred while processing this directive]. I have read about a couple of things that may need to be changed in the code. Please let us know what the easiest fix is. On the PVII forum they suggest renaming all the html pages to .shtml or adding "include codes" which I would need to know what they are and where they go. Thank you 


I start getting the same error, today.


Is the server-side include allowed?


the following code stopped working today:

<!--#include virtual="header.html" -->



I have the same issue. My site was recently moved and all of my scripts (things like: 

<!--#include virtual="header.html" -->

) stopped working. I was told I needed to add the "Absolute Hosting Path" before the file name. I did but nothing has changed. What should I try now? 

I'm still stuck. I've tried chatting and calling Godaddy without any success. Server side includes no longer work on my site after Godaddy "upgraded" me to "deluxe". All I want to do is have my former SSI scripts work. They don't work with the old code. They don't work with the new code which includes the full path to the files I want to include in other files.


Does anyone on here use SSI? What code do you put in your .html or .shtml files to make pages display other code?


I'm having the same issue. Suddenly, I receive the message [an error occurred while processing this directive] where I used to have #includes. 

AM phasing this error so many time [an error occurred while processing this directive]

plz reply what is the resign of this