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why can't conecting with my domain ?

I tried from yesterday to  connecting my domain (parking in with my nameserver. (in Godaddy) but still nothing . when put other nameserver of other server its working during 60 seconds but when put my VPS naeserver here in goddady  I don't know why not working ???? 


Hi @ramiissa, thanks for posting.

If you are using self hosting/managed nameservers on your VPS, it would be difficult to say why it might not be working and without knowing the exact errors you are seeing when you try to use those nameservers. You might want to check and ensure that a zone file has been properly setup on your VPS for that domain. Otherwise, you will want to keep in mind that any DNS/Nameserver change can take 24-48 hours. While those changes typically happen much faster, they can still sometimes take that long.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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