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    Connecting W+M to Instagram for "Shop Our Instagram" feature

    Hi. Is there a way to do this?? It looks like there is a connection from the store to Facebook, but we are looking to connect our store to Instagram so when people click on an Instagram image they can buy direct. Thanks for any help !

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    Resolver VI


    Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, TechKnowable, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.

    These links are very old. I think the question (mine included) is if GoDaddy offers integration between GoDaddy's Store, Facebook Store and Instagram Profile, so the user can check-out directly on Instagram. 
    Also, if it's possible to create posts on Instagram using my Store's inventory (integrated, not manually). 

    But it doesn't seems it's possible as there's no mention about it anywhere. 

    It would be something like this -



    Thanks for sharing feedback.  Social commerce capability is the top ask by customers like you and it's high on our priority list. We are working through possible solutions, to enable this capability on our platform. I'll be able to share more details soon. Please stay tuned.



    Mohan Kumaresh

    Product Manager, Online stores

    Is there an update on this feature?

    Is there any update on when this is available? If it is 2020 I will renew with godaddy, otherwise I will have to look elsewhere


    I was wondering if there was any updates?

    Thanks, Michael



    Happy New Year!   'Shop on Instagram' is definitely critical feature we are pursuing this year.  I don't have an ETA to share at this point. But, will update you here, as make progress on this.



    Mohan Kumaresh,

    Product Manager, Online store 

    I been trying for a while to connect my store to facebook page and show my products there too. So, from there I can actually tag products on my Instagram which is basically where I sell products but GoDaddy unfortunately is lacking on this. There are other companies that are new in this and actually they offering this option but I hope you guys make a deal with Facebook and add this option that we can actually transfer all products on facebook by connecting them, not just looking our statistics acting like " GoDaddy and Facebook works together" unfortunately they don't and unless they make this happened, otherwise I'll have to look for another company that offers tagging products on Instagram. Hope someone replays to this 



    Thanks for sharing your concern.  We understand the importance of 'Social Commerce' in today's world and we are actively working with facebook to explore the option of pushing your product catalog to Facebook Shop/Catalog, so you can create 'Shoppable posts' on Instagram. I'll share more details here, as we make progress on this. Please stay tuned...



    Mohan Kumaresh, 

    Product Manager, W+M Online store

    This is really frustrating to read, i have only just moved over to yourselves as my other provider did not provide an e-commerce platform. I moved to you as you were competitive and very informative over the phone. And the one option i wanted was to be able to link with instagram for shoppable posts. This is currently something i have been trying to do as i was informed it was definitely possible which is clearly NOT the case!! Not a happy bunny!!!!

    I feel your pain. I have just moved over to GD and i have been mis-informed that this was something that they offered and clearly do not! Otherwise i would have gone with another provider. That's 100's of pounds down the drain and hours wasted on my new site.