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    Online Store - inventory Mgmt

    Can people recommend an online stock inventory app/site they are using in conjunction with their Go Daddy Store due to the limitation of not being able to export order info? would be great if Go Daddy would advise when this simple CSV export function will be available as I have to find another solution to manual spreadsheets.
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    Try rista.  Not sure if it is what you are looking for, but I know that they can be used on android applications and other formats.


    Not to pile on... but "inventory management" is almost false advertising. You can't even track items. What's the point?

    You might try checking out again. Two weeks ago, in Preview Mode, I tried to "buy" 2 of an item I only had 1 of and it was going to let me. Today I tested it again, and it now stops you from being able to and states "There is only one item in stock." It seems there has been a recent update/improvement regarding this issue, thank goodness. I was very concerned this was going to cause havoc otherwise.


    To the original poster, I have found no way to export to csv. I keep a spreadsheet that I TEDIOUSLY copy and paste from. It's a huge time eater and one I wish they'd address. As many of us are sole proprietors, we just can't absorb the time this sort of lack of functionality causes and will discourage others from using GoCentral.