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    Site Forward displays incorrectly on Mobile

    I have 2 domains. I have built a site via GoCentral on one of them (b) and set forwarding to that site from the other (a)


    Now, "a" does indeed forward the user to "b" but on the mobile platform it displays the desktop version of the site IE everything is squashed to fit.

    The settings I made to forward were Forward with Masking.

    If I choose Forward Only I seem to lose the section where I enter a bunch of keywords and a description.


    Surely the forwarding method should not affect how the site is displayed on a mobile device.





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    Looks like is displaying properly to me @ripit given that you are forwarding with masking? I understand that it doesn't display how you'd like it to on mobile but that is no doubt due to how the responsive code interacts with the masking. 


    Basically because of the forward with making your responsive code gets confused. The making creates a code box around the web page it surrounds. What you agree being is expected behavior. 


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