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    Website is gone, never notified it would expire!

    I believe I used an early version of the website builder.   It never prompted me for payment and never mentioned that I would have to pay.   I thought cool!  so I made a quick site.  and it sat there for a year.   So I checked last night and it was just GONE.   poof bu-bye.  I got nothing in my email or notifications letting me know that I would have to renew or start paying, just GONE.

    It's my band.   It's low priority.   I can recreate it.  But Geez guys.   What a dumb experience.  Hoping some PM in your department sees this and feels some sympathy 🙂

    Additionally it seems that you dont even have the content!?!?!?!?!   wow.   what a business plan.   you could have easily upsold your average user to "turn back on" their content.   But poof-bu-bye.   WOW.   Honestly, I would love right now to just download the single index.html page I had so I can upload to AWS - but you kind of screwed me out of even that.

    Off to AWS to recreate this now.   So dumb.   As an aside, I wouldn't pay for the Builder for something as simple as my band.   But it was sure convenient for my dumb band.   Easy enough at AWS but it's just a couple more steps.  With godaddy it was simple with the builder, actually it was perfect for my band.  But only as a freemium offering - no way i'd ever pay.   turning it off without any heads up was a jerk move

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    I am a GoDaddy end user like you so I can't help with your files. But I can say that I have had issues with expired products before.


    GoDaddy "groups" items together so you could have an expiration and renewal notice in the same email / or say a domain that is expiring and unless you scroll down you don't see the other items also expiring.


    The Websites + Marketing are not just straight HTML pages from a "file manager" perspective so you wouldn't have been able to just download an index file and move it to AWS.


    Just out of curiosity  - I was unaware of any website builder at AWS - so are you just going to code an HTML page or use something else at AWS - just looking to compare apples to apples.

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    I could have screen shotted the layout and reproduced in html.

    I could have hit save in my browser. In the end it’s just a. Webpage that
    is generated. It may be more complex than html. But I bet it would have
    saved out. Then maybe I could have uploaded it. Not ideal. I would
    likely have not taken this route. Depends what I got I guess

    Yes. I actually recreated the entire thing tonight in a few hours in html.
    It wasn’t hard. I know html well. It was just a nuisance for me since I
    didn’t want to try that hard with my band. But clearly I didn’t need to
    pay any subscription to a builder app ;-). So I’m not their target. Just
    would have been nice to reactive so I could have one last look Who knows,
    I bet people with a similar issue would have renewed/activated and paid

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