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    Credit card transactions

    I am curious to know if there is a way to ask customers who want to pay with a credit card to also cover the processing fee? I sell an expensive product ($1,500) with a small margin. (I know, not a great business model) and paying 3% on $1,500 cuts into my margin. If I could let the customer know that I will certainly accept their credit card as long as they will pay the fee, it would be a big help.


    Thanks for any advice!

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    Advocate VII

    Hi @dcpstp,


    In general, asking a customer to cover your business costs is not a good idea. It's better to just go ahead and build it into the price.

    Consider this. When customer purchases by way of credit card he or she has some degree of security in the purchase.  If for some reason a vendor does not live up to the expectations or guarantee that is expressed on their website or during the purchase, the consumer then has the credit card company to help them initiate a chargeback. In some respects you might consider this third-party accountability for the transaction.


    Many of us are or have been in the same situation.  After time you will be able to apply for credit card processing at lower rates. That will help your overall bottom line. Without knowing what your product line is, a general suggestion is to offer upsells and accessories for your main product  to increase the profitability of each sale. Having a good set of accessories to go with your main product is often the key to making the extra dollars that you're looking for.

    Hope this helps,

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    Be sure to check the wording on your credit card processing contract.  Many expressly forbid this - you can't charge customers extra for using a credit card.  You CAN, however, offer a case discount if folks pay in cash, and build in coverage for the cc fee in your pricing.

    is there anyone who wants to sell a domain which could send mails so i could just send the payment into his credit card asap because am having problems paying for a new domain