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    Search engine ranking--Same content on 2 pages?

    This is a follow up to my post about multiple (same) content on 2 pages of my site. Apparently the attachment I added didn't work so trying this again. My site was built with 9 pages, one of which was designated as the homepage. However, as you'll see in the attachment, my site actually has 10 pages. Since having the same content on 2 different pages is a no-no in the eyes of most search engines, including Google, I'm really concerned about being able to "rank" if this is a serious violation. 

    The reason I have 10 pages, and not 9 is, the search engines count your domain name as a page as well. This could all be cleared up, I believe, if Godaddy didn't mandate that we designate a page as the homepage. I sure hope somebody from Godaddy can clear this up, but I'm not sure if Godaddy techs actually read these postings or not.


    Can someone tell me if Godaddy's Technical Dept participates in these discussions?

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    See https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66359?hl=en. If they are to be believed, there is no penalty for duplicate content. There are some attributes which might lead Google to believe that your duplicate content is an intent to manipulate search results, and then they might not list one of the pages -- but for the most part it is not a factor in ranking.

    On a separate note, duplicate content can cause problems unless you are diligent about remembering to update all instances when you make a change.

    I was once discussing this with someone who referenced the adage "a man with one watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure." What he meant was that if you have 2 different pages with the same content, but with slight differences (because you only updated one of them), then the reader does not know which one is correct.


    Id there any chance that Godaddy would not force us to name a homepage, and just let it be our Domain name to eliminate this duplicate content?

    Your domain name has to pull a page.  The way servers work is there is the root (where all the files that display your site reside) which has a default file that will display when your domain name is typed in a browser's location bar. 


    The default file name depends on the server side configuration.  The file name would be index.html, .htm, or .php (sometimes it is default.htm) and is automatically the "homepage" and where your homepage content should be added.  


    If you created an *additional page* that is not the default and does not display at yourdomain.com/index.html -- that is the one to delete.


    You can read and learn more based on which hosting you are on here:




    HTH! 😉

    "I never lose. Either I win or I learn." ~ Me

    In Godaddy's Builder 7 program, when we start adding pages and putting content on these pages, we have to provide a page name for each page (naturally). When we're finished adding pages we have to designate ONE page as the "homepage". In my case, I made the "goal setting" page my homepage. Then I publish the pages and that's where the duplicate content begins. After I publish and click on the http://goalsforall.com link, the content that I put on my designated "homepage" shows up also on htttp://goalsforall.com


    Then I click on my "designated homepage" which is http://goalsforall.com/goal-setting.html and the same content shows on this page. That's how the search engines are picking up 10 pages, when my site shows as 9 pages.


    I'm totally confused. 


    Can you check this website http://www.worldfreestuff.com for duplicate content ?

    Thank you.