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2 step verification

In case anyone is interested, the new 2 step verification to log in via text code is a right royal pain in the backside.

I live and work is a really poor cell coverage area and often have to walk to the end of my drive to get a fraction of one bar and wave my phone in the air to get reception.

So every time I log in I have to do the go daddy dance come rain, wind shine, day or night.

I live in a third world country, we aren't all in big cities.


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Hi @Harty,


Sorry you are having problems connecting with Godaddy. Believe it or not, but even in the UK I had a house where I could only get a signal in one corner of the kitchen and had to leave my phone there!! We have all done it, but I must add, there is an easy solution, broadband down the landline! If you can get a clear phone call down a landline, you can get a reasonable broadband service. I understand there a quite substantial costs to this for some folk so I have something that may not help with all your services or needs, but you may thank me for most of your internet needs were you to learn:

curl and wget:


curl and wget are very powerful and wonderful (I use that word sparsely) tools especially for poor internet regions, as they just pick up where they left off on that download that got interrupted by an internet outage Cat Happy


.........and in the meanwhile try clicking the 'stay logged in' checkbox Cat Happy