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Cannot access any Help articles

Seriously at the end of my tether right now.

I have a laptop and an iPhone. I have also tried this from other phones belonging to family members.

I cannot view any of the help topics whatsoever other than these community forums. I have been trying for God knows how long to self-help on certain issues and topics. If I click a direct link yielded by google, or if I try to navigate via the main website, I get a page which says "Oops can't find what you're looking for. The page you are requesting cannot be found"

I have actually had enough. And yes I have tried on safari, chrome, internet explorer and edge. I don't understand what could please be wrong

Re: Cannot access any Help articles

Update: I have downloaded Firefox and still no joy. I have cleared my cache and all website data and still nothing.

Can someone PLEASE answer??

Re: Cannot access any Help articles

Hey @MYO,


By chance are trying to access the help articles from one of our internationals that's not in English. We're still working on the help center articles being available in other languages, but in the meantime most are still English only. 


I'd recommend visiting our home page and making sure to select an English version of our site from the upper left Globe icon before visiting the help articles.


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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