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Do you manage your client's web analytics?

Couple of question "groups" here:


1. Do you manage your client's web analytics? Is it a paid service, or something you include as a standard? What does "management" encompass for you? Does it inform the services you provide?


2. Do you use any tools aside from Google Analytics? E.g. Hotjar, Clicky, Mixpanel? Why?



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We secretly offer SEO and analytics but there is no package of what is included, we create on the fly packages client by client. What it includes runs from just setting their website up through to a dedicated body updating social media, running ads, client interaction, blogging, search engine ranking... What is typically standard with a web presence we design is a website that is SEO ready and search engine friendly. The included are usually spelled out in our contacts and though we have tools we like a client can specify whatever they would like.
We utilize many tools and just added Godaddy Locu to the arsenal. I find that different people like different tools and I don't know that there is one tool that is best to use. I say use the tool that you are confident with, that fits your budget and environment.
That ends the question answering part, now here comes the $0.02 part. I encourage our clients to empower themselves in the area of analytics and SEO. In my mind the client has the unique knowledge it will take to do the best job. Trust me when I say that I'm not best suited to list keywords for a bra store. We are happy to show them how to use their tool of choice, hold their hand for the first couple months and invite them to our office for coffee, donuts, questions and answers.
In the end for us it is not economical to properly do that kind of work for our client or us. We find that our talents in that area are best suited to clients with hefty budgets. SEO and analytics never stop and can be costly but an empowered client can often have wonderful results in their downtime.
...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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