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Feedback on the new "Support Beta"

Not sure if this is the best place for this.  The support agent I was chatting with just said to post to the community.


I just used the "Support Beta" that loads inside the page for the first time, versus the old one that ran in an independent window (and didn't start with an annoying robot).  The following is my feedback from that experience:



 - “Secure form” for entering pin never appeared when sent by support agent, they tried several times and eventually just asked for the pin in chat.


 - Box at the bottom still says “Ask me something.. “ while chatting with support.


 - When I clicked on a new page to take a screenshot as requested by support staff:

  - The chat window reset to default help. Support chat was gone.

  - I took the screenshot I needed and hit “back” on the browser.

  - Support reloaded and it asked if I’d like to chat or call.

  - Picked chat

  - It said was connected to “Eric F”, which is who I was working with originally.

  - Support agent was actually Angela, so she didn’t know what I had already discussed with Eric. She transferred me to Eric F


 - Typing in the chat window when the support agent is the most recent person to have sent a message makes the chat window scroll up and down erratically (while typing, like the typing is forcing some kind of update/refresh that makes the whole thing jerk to a new position and then scroll back to where it belongs)


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Feedback on the new "Support Beta"

Hi @Lavelle. Thanks for sharing your feedback about the new support experience! We're always looking to improve and feedback like this helps us do so. We'll be sure to pass this on to those who need to see it. 


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