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How about a group for GD order tracking questions?

I sent a message back in 2014 about billing and it looks like I still can't find amounts and services together in one place? I can find *receipts, amounts, and when they were paid.  I can find my services. But I have no idea from the site what amounts were paid for what services and when.


Am I just missing something on the site?  Wouldn't this be the most common way to show why, when and how you're billed? *Like what you paid for actually on the receipt?


Sending me a one shot answer for a particular purchase is one way to resolve the issue, but it would save a lot of time just putting this information together in one place.


And, just curious, you're the only internet service company I know of that doesn't take email (or form) requests for help. I'd think that would be convenient for both you and the customer?


Please let me know if there is one place where this information is together, so I know what amount paid for what service and when.





Community Manager

Hi @phildornan

Thanks for taking the time to participate here on GoDaddy Community!

You should be able to see the receipts and their details within your account's Order History. Clicking on "View" should give you the details of an individual receipt. You can find more information on this feature in this article.

Regarding email or form support, we did offer this at one time and may do so again in the future. However, for the time being we've found that providing help via real-time solutions like telephone or online chat are the most beneficial.

What does everyone else thing of this suggestion? Should we have a board for threads about our website interface? 

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