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Input about switching to Office 365

I have found out even if they say they want input you must jump through a ton of hoops just to say what you do not like about them but if you say I love them then bingo easy to find. No for us poor at home users that like having our on Email address we are no being forced to use Office 365 as our plat form. I my self do not like using Outlook. I am a mac fan and I gave found outlook, not the greatest user friendly. So now since Godaddy sees us as little tiny aspects in their overall picture they believe that we do not matter and they can do anything they want because they have easiest and affordable packages and we do not matter.


Hi @Iowabubba,


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We're sorry to hear you feel that way, but it is not GoDaddy's intention to make you a hoop-jumper. Instead, GoDaddy's taking steps to ensure they have a seamless upgrade process for your email. There's a dedicated team ready to support you and other affected customers by offering several options/levels, so that you don’t have to experience any email downtime. They're also providing support and easy migration for existing customers who don’t wish to upgrade to a GoDaddy Office 365 email service. Your best option if you have questions or complaints is to contact the support team at any of the numbers here:


This new platform is more secure, stable, and can be synced across all devices, from mobile to desktop, with the goal of offering a better overall experience for their customers. The Office 365 plans offer a number of benefits, which you can learn more about here.



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