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    CDN and Managed WordPress site load times

    This is not a question but more of a tip for other designers struggling with load times.


     I work hard to improve the speed of my client sites with all of the usual tips and tricks but still got some dreadful load times on even my simple builds. Also CSS was not loading on sites and icons and such were screwy - it always pointed back to the CDN.


    So I did some testing - and by simply turning OFF the CDN - some of my pages went from 12-20 second load times to 3-4 seconds! One went from 9 seconds to 1.4! It also solved all my issues with CSS  and  icons not loading.  


    I have 60+ sites, all on Managed WordPress servers and as I go thru and disable the CDN on each - the load time are generally 4 times faster now.   If you are using the CDN, try  disabling it  and see if that improves performance.  I'd love to hear from other    designers if this helped too.


     Obviously this  should be looked into by GoDaddy.

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