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    Using Lighthouse theme, but my posts don't show up 3 in a row like in the image

    I'm using the Lighthouse theme.  My posts don't show up 3 in a row like in the image

    This is what the theme shows it looking like, but mine doesn't look like that.  It looks like the posts are all vertical in one column.  Is there a way to make it put them in a row of 3 like the theme's screenshot?  

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    Hi @SupercoolGuyYoo,

    just a $1 guess, but are you looking at your site on a smartphone or tablet.....? If so try a laptop 💻

    It just may be that either your site is not responsive or mobile friendly. 

    I'm testing on my mac with safari and chrome 😞   


    Docks you a $1 😉

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    Ok @SupercoolGuyYoo,

    it was worth a dollar 🙂 

    sorry it didn't help. 


    (Old school developer, know zilch about Wordpress to be honest. But at risk of looking stupid I still try and help). 


    Hope you find solution soon,

    best regards. 

    Thanks.  I've changed themes for now.  Double back some day when I have more time.