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New out of business! Want to move all to GoDaddy but most tasks involve contacting ADDR!

I use GoDaddy except for one Domain I have and use for email forwarding only. It is hosted at who seem to be out of business so no emails getting through. My domain is managed now by GoDaddy as of years ago but it won't let me transfer DNS to GoDaddy unless I get transfer code from ADDR who don't answer phones etc. I DID setup email forwarding on GoDaddy for (my domain) but 2 days later still doesn't work. How do I get a DNS transfer so I can change nameservers to GoDaddy provided ones? Please help!


Hi @grb

The domain is registered with us, therefore you can edit your domain's DNS without transferring it to us. Here is how to change your domain's nameservers. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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