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Apparently correct subdomain config, unavailable access



I have a domain with GoDaddy pointing to a Google Cloud server, let's say its


Now I have another server hosting an app which I want to add as subdomain like

As I found over internet I did make a new Register like this 

 - Type : A

 - Name: app

 - Host : x.x.x.x (public ip where app is hosted, and it works)

 - TTL: 1h


I've been waiting a few hours but still gives me a dns error. Any suggestions? Thanks


Hi @manutheking


Thank you for you post.  Firstly try checking the DNS prorogation through a DNS dig that checks multiple server like


To use digwebinterface use the following format:



Below you will see the results of the DNS dig, if you see the I.P. in the results 

(similar to 599 IN A


This means that the DNS is propagating and is accessible through certain server. In this case you could try a DNS flush on your system to see if it will help clear the issue.


If it does not show propagation and it has been over 48 hours since the update, please contact our support agents and they will be happy to look into the matter to see what may be causing the issue to occur. 


Hope this helps!