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Bookmark This: Resources for Managing Domains


Bookmark This is a collection of useful resources curated by GoDaddy Community members.


In this thread we're collecting resources for managing domains. Resources that help with domain name research, dealing with large numbers of domain names, or navigating the complex waters of aftermarket auctions are all great starting points.


You've likely come across many useful (or at least interesting) resources over the years. Maybe you've saved these to an ever-growing library of browser bookmarks. Or maybe you clipped the links to your favourite note-taking app, like OneNote or Evernote.


While these links may not be super-useful to you right now, they may be exactly what other members are looking for. So why not share them, and get some Kudos in return? 😉


How do you contribute?

Just reply to this topic. Be sure to include a link to the resource and a brief explanation of why you’re sharing it, or how it's useful. Tools, articles, guides - everything is welcome.


Don’t forget to Kudos!

Like something that another member has shared? Give em’ some love and Kudos their post.


Rules of the Road

Don't post affiliate links and respect full disclosure. It's absolutely fine to share something that you, a friend or family member is working on, but please give everyone the heads up if that's the case.

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I had actually posted these in response to an earlier question about nameservers, but the info probably belongs here as a more general resouce. -- lets you enter any URL or IP address, and selectively view any of the zone files. (where "" is the domain you are looking for) -- lets you see a bunch of info about a domain, including where it's registered, the name servers and the domain registrant info (if they do not have a privacy service enabled). The nameservers may not tell you who the hosting provider is, although you can often Google to find out. But once you know their names, you can remember. So for example, is GoDaddy, so once you see that as the nameservers, you can guess that the site is hosted there. is great to keep an eye on DNS propagation if/when you change a nameserver setting on your domain.

Here's a pretty good (albeit somewhat technical) set of training for those wanting a stronger grasp of DNS.

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Or for the less techie, you might enjoy: - sorry, shameless plug for GoDaddy video help 🙂