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CNAME pointing to Google Storage

SI have static files on Google Storage. I would like to have my domain point to my Storage bucket.

Following this example:

Created a new CNAME record:

Type      Name    Value                          TTL
CNAME            600 seconds

But it doesn't resolve.
I noticed that google wants the value to be "

but when saving, Godaddy seems to trim that trailing '.', not sure if that's an issue or what.

Either way, DNS propagation checker always fails.

Any ideas?

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Re: CNAME pointing to Google Storage

Set the CNAME with www as host/name and then forward to


The steps would be similar for Google Sites.


Re: CNAME pointing to Google Storage

Did this  now redirect to (which loads content of my google storage), is that intended? no way to have serve the contents instead?

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Re: CNAME pointing to Google Storage

The DNS manager here only allows A records on the main domain, while A or CNAME records can be used for sub-domains.  Generally it is a good idea to pick one and have the other redirected, it doesn't matter if its with www or without.  Though yours is an edge case, it may make sense to set-up a different sub-domain and have both www and non-www redirect to


The benefit to using a CNAME is Google could change the IP address whenever they wish and it would automatically be updated for your domain, where you would need to edit the A record to reflect the new IP address.  I am not sure if that is the intention here, but you can check with Google if they provide an IP address to use for this service.