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CName Propagation Problem



I recorded a CName one week ago. Then that day, I realised I did it for the wrong domain, deleted and re-created it under the correct one. After that, 1 day later I created one more (different) CName for the same domain as well.


After a week, I have realised that the CNames are not propagated and other than 1 CName which propagated with an incorrect CName (a content duplication).


Why are my CName not being properly propagated and what is this wrong record?


I have the same problem

Hey there @akhilkodali.


Sorry to hear you and @mozmeny are having this same issue. @mozmeny, were you ever able to figure out the cause of your issue? If so, please feel free to reply with the fix so it can benefit other community users. 


@akhilkodali We would be happy to help look into this further for you but we will need some more info. What is the domain and the CNAME on the domain you are having issues getting to propagate? If it has been less than 24 hours, it could be just be taking a little longer to propagate. If it has been more than that, something else might be holding it up. 


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