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.CO.UK AAAA Glue Records



I note with disappointment that I still can't specify a AAAA (IPv6) Glue Record for my "" domain registered via Godaddy but I can specify AAAA Glue Record for my other domains ( ".com" & ".email" ) registered with Godaddy.


All of my domains are registered with Godaddy but I run my own external name servers and only use Godaddy for registration, DNSSEC and NS Glue records.


Previously, around 6 months ago, when I asked Godaddy Support why they don't support AAAA glue records the excuse given was that "" domains don't support IPv6 ( which was rubbish at the time and is still rubbish now ).


According to Nominet UK they do support IPv6 glue records and... other registrars .. (e.g. Gandi to name one) do support the specification of both IPv4 & IPv6 glue records for "" domains.


So Godaddy what gives ? Your DNS management interface is capable of handling AAAA glue records as you allow me to specify them for my "*.com" and "*.email"  domains but not "".


I'm already considering moving the "" domain to Gandi but if there is an imminent change to finally enable AAAA glue records then I'll be happy to keep it where it is.


Hey @Ktyak_1234,


Our development team has done some local testing with a domain and was able to enter in a AAAA record as we outline it in our walk-through here. Can you clarify if you're entering in the record and it's not taking affect or you can't enter it at all? 


If the latter, you may want to reach out to our live support by phone or chat so our teams can take closer look at the domain you're trying to enter the record for in your account. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I'm afraid that the situation has not changed as you can see from the attached screenshots taken today. I spoke to support some months ago about the problem and was told that you don't support AAAA Glue records for ( allegedly because doesn't allow it but I've checked with Nominet and other registars and know that to be untrue ).


Note that I am saying GLUE records and that these are domains on nameservers managed elsewhere - I have 8 nameservers ). GoDaddy is only the registrar for my domains but it should provide consistent facilities for glue record definitions for IPv4 & IPv6 for and the fact that it isn't is screwing up my DNSSEC performance scores.


Godaddy allows both IPv4 & IPv6 for the .com and .email domains I have registered with you ( and are also managed elsewhere ) so your systems are capable of handling it but for some reason you only permit IPv4 glue records for