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I recently bought the domain name “”. I am a novice in this area, and later on, I read an article advising that one should investigate if his domain name has no issues with some trademark.
I was searching if there was any trademark with a name identical or semi-identical to my domain name "" in the site. So I searched for each separated words "drako "and "apps". I found out that there are many different trademark registers for “apps” and 2 different registers for “drako” ( but none for “drako apps” separated by space or together.
How it can be that there are many different trademark registers for the words “apps” and “drako” ???
So, I am not sure if I will have some problem with trademarks or not.

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Trademarks protect specific uses, so it is possible for the same term to be trademarked under different uses.  A brand is what identifies the source of a given good or service, the whole point of a trademark is to reduce confusion in this regard.  For example you could be safe to assume a set of brake pads came from Middleton Auto Parts, and not Middleton Plumbing.  If you're unsure if a name you've chosen infringes on that of an established brand it'd be best to consult a lawyer who specializes in IP law.