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Can't get new Wordpress Domain Working

Hello all!


I'm using GoDaddy and I currently have a domain / full site working with Wordpress Web Application


The site was developed with incorrect theme, visual composer, and plugins and I've run into some problems, SO...

I'm trying to create a new site from scratch but I want to keep my old site up for now until the new one is finished. Here's what I've done so far::


In GoDaddy under CPanel I've created a new Domain with a different root directory than my current Domain

I created a new MySQL database and added myself as a user attached to it

Lastly, I created a new instance of Wordpress and selected the new Domain that I created, and I selected name of the MySQL database I just created as the Database Name.


Now when I try to use one of my links to go into the new site within the Installatron ( it keeps coming up as "This site can't be reached"


What am I missing here? Why can't I get to this new site?


Would it just be easier to clone the current site I'm using and delete everything in it?


Thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated if I can get this solved 🙂

Community Manager

Hi @weavermjordan. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It's hard to say for sure what's happening in your case. A few things stand out though. First, if you intend to use Installatron to install WordPress, you wouldn't need to create a new database. That would be handled by the installation process. However, that wouldn't usually cause a problem, it's just unnecessary. 


Second, if the second domain is registered with GoDaddy and in the same account, adding the domain to the cPanel account should automatically update it's DNS to point to the right server. However, if you have the domain through another provider or in a different GoDaddy account, you'll need to change your DNS manually. That might be the issue at hand since the domain isn't loading a site at all. 


Also, to be extra clear, the second domain would need to be registered. I'm guessing the link you shared with isn't what you're actually using (though it does show the error you mentioned).


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