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Can't list my domain on godday auctions

I purchased and tried to list it on Godday Auctions

But it says "domain already for sale" 

I searched for it and found it was listed by someone else!!!


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I've actually seen this error myself @Omar00. Sometimes sellers will list domains in more than one market for the most visibility. When a domain sells the rest of the markets aren't always updated by the seller and this error can raise its head. If you need to list this domain immediately I'd suggest contacting GoDaddy Auctions support via phone or email.


Side note, since you just purchased this domain perhaps sling right away is not the best course? If it were to sale transferring ownership will prove to be an issue since changes in ownership to the domain were just made. If you wait six (6) months for the domain to ripen all auctions should have expired by then? I hope that helps? Happy selling! 


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Hey @Omar00. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I'd agree with @rd. You can reach out to our auctions team by sending a message to 


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