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Cannot find NameServers

Hello everyone. So i've bought a hosting plan here on GoDaddy and i wanted to get the NameServers from it and update them to the registrar i've bought my domain from  ( years ago ). The problem is that i cannot find the NS anywhere on my account. I've read the articles from but i've found no nameservers.

What should i do? How can i find them? I expected to receive all the data via email like other companies do, tho they've sent me nothing but a link to My Hosting.
Thanks alot.



Later Edit: nevermind, i've got an email now with the nameservers. Thanks anyway.

Super User II

I am glad to hear you were able to sort this out.  Just in case someone else needs help finding their nameservers to use for a domain registered elsewhere the steps depend on which product is being used.