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Change Technical and Billing Contact Info on .es Domain??

I recently acquired a .es domain name from another account on GoDaddy.  There are unique rules for .es domains... one being that you can't change the registrant and administrative contact information in Domain Manager, but you are free to change the Technical and Billing contact info via the Domain Manager, as stated here:


However, when you are in Domain Manager, then attempt to update the Technical or Billing contact info, upon clicking the save button you get a message saying "Changes to the registrant's contact are not allowed for the selected domain extension.".  


There is obviously a design flaw, in that there should be separate save buttons for each contact.  With just having the one save button, the system is trying to save all 4 contacts at once, triggering the error.


I've been trying to get the GoDaddy support team to sort this out, but to no avail.  Anyone else had this problem, if so how did you get on?


-- SmokinJoeBlow. 

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Because you say that you just acquired this domain I wonder if you are able to update is at all because of a domain lock @SmokinJoeBlow? At any rate check out Change domain contact information and Updating .es Domain Name Contact Information make sure that you have completed the desired external steps to change contact information. I hope that helps?


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