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Confusion - where to maintain DNS zone file records? (Deluxe Linux hosting with CPanel)



I have Deluxe Linux hosting with cPanel (shared hosting) and run multiple domains, all hosted in the same GoDaddy account. 

I need to maintain some DNS zone file records, incl MX records, but I am very confused on where to maintain this as the documentation from GoDaddy mentions different things depending on what I read. Sometimes the documentation mentions the old 'Workspace' Domain Manager, other times it mentions cPanel, depending on where i click help.


I would like to maintain all of my DNS zone file records in cPanel for all of my domains. But when I look in cPanel under "Domains > Zone Editor" I can see all of my domains fine, but when i open the zone file for any of my domains there is only one entry visible, the MX record pointing to the domain itself (not pointing to GoDaddy's mail domain). There are no A, CNAME or any other records for each domain. It also seems that you cannot add any records besides MX within the zone file editor on cPanel, although the 'documentation' link on the same page says you can add all types of records to the zone file like I would expect?


If I look in the old Workspace "Domain Manager" I can see a different set of DNS zone file records for the same domain???

What's going on here? Clearly one of these zone files for the same domain is wrong/inactive. It seems that the cPanel zone file is inactive and not being used and is not submitted to the GoDaddy nameservers associated with my domain? I would have expected to see both the workspace Domain Manager DNS and cPanel DNS showing identical recods because there can only be one zone file per domain, registered in DNS.


Can someone explain this? Should I be able to use cPanel to maintain my DNS zone file records? If so, how? And how do I ensure they are being submitted to the name servers associated with my domains?


I understand how to maintain my DNS zone file records the old way using Workspace "Domain Manager", but I would like to use cPanel. 


Thanks in advance,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Confusion - where to maintain DNS zone file records? (Deluxe Linux hosting with CPanel)

Hi @Brendan3. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It definitely sounds like there is some confusion here. To clarify, if a domain is hosted with GoDaddy and uses GoDaddy nameservers (ending in then you should be able to manage the domain's zone file through our interface. All of the various ways you can launch the DNS manager (via cPanel or the domain control center) should lead to the same system. If that isn't happening for you, then I'd suggest first clearing your browser cache or trying an incognito/private browsing window. If that doesn't work, then you may want to connect with our support team so they can make sure there isn't an issue with your domains' zone files. I hope that helps. 


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