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Custom domain for blogger


We are setting up a custom domain for our blog. I'm following the step by step instructions to do so, but when I add in the CNAME an "Unexpected Error" happens. It's let me add 1 of the 2 CNAME's in just the one isn't working. Any idea how to get around it?


Former Employee

Interesting @MYOMS, A couple of things stand out in your post. First, you mention a second CNAME and I believe you only need to edit one (www) to get this to work. When you speak of two entries, are you sure it isn't the nameservers you are referring to? - These should be parked.


You also mentioned following a set of instructions, but not the source,  so I hope these are the ones you are using:


One last thing...when I am following the instructions precisely and I get an unexpected error, sometimes I find that another browser works better, And 24/7 Support is always available to look at your account specifically.


I hope it helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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