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DNS SPF records to prevent fake sender warnings (from Gmail and Hotmail, etc)?

I have my own server that hosts my mail services. I registered a domain with GoDaddy and manage my DNS from there too.


I have the following DNS records:


Type Name Value TTL Actions

A@ secondsEdit
Amail5.189.128.1431 HourEdit
CNAMEftp@1 HourEdit
CNAMEwww@1 HourEdit HourEdit (Priority: 1)1 HourEdit
NS@pdns11.domaincontrol.com1 Hour 
NS@pdns12.domaincontrol.com1 Hour 
SOA@Primary nameserver: seconds 
TXTspfv=spf1 mx -all1 HourEdit
TXTspfv=spf1 mx -all1 Hour


I added the SPF records as per recommendations on other GoDaddy community questions and web searches but Gmail says it still can't verify that the mail originated from my server.


Can anyone offer some information on why this is happening and what GoDaddy DNS changes I need to make?

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Hi @CashBuyers. Thanks for posting. If you can provide your domain, others may be able to take a look and advise you what you're currently set up to use. However, whether or not you have an active account with the provider in question would be up to you to find out. As for including multiple providers in your SPF, you can do this in a single record. For more information, take a look at this 3rd party post


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