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Deleted Domains and unacceptably long release times

I recently had a domain due for renewal and decided not to renew after Go Daddy jacked the price ten fold since it was first registered. I shopped around and found it much cheaper elsewhere so I decided to let it expire, delete it and place a backorder through the cheaper registrar. I didn't bother going through the transfer process because it's not a domain that receives much traffic. 


I received confirmation that it was deleted but after two weeks it was still resolving to Go Daddy so I decided to contact support and ask why it hadn't been released. They said it had been removed but placed into a Redemption Period and asked if I wanted to recover it. After explaining that I was not interested in having them manage the domain they replied with "If no, then you have to wait for another month 15 to 30 business days before godaddy release it from the account. and a month to two before Godaddy release it from the server.".


I was quite shocked by this so asked how that could be considered a reasonable timeframe. The reply - "Well, that applies to all registrar's" and when i asked for more detail on the process from requesting a delete, the timeframe got pushed to "you need to wait 3 to 4 months from that day".


In my opinion this is nothing short of ransom. If I want it back soon I need Go Daddy to manage it, otherwise it's unavailable for months despite me having already started paying for it elsewhere. 


What recourse do I have in this situation? Is this normal Go Daddy policy/procedure? Surely Go Daddy cannot think this is an acceptable customer experience?

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Hello @rudiger, I ABSOLUTELY feel your pain. I too have been caught up in the same or a similar situation. Right now I'm waiting on some domains to get back on the market for a client.


It does seem to be an exorbitant amount of time but so do domain mapping changes at times. Once you let a domain expire it might not be available for months and that is IF it doesn't get sniped and REALLY held ransom by a domain buyer. My advice is if you have control of a domain you go the transfer out route rather than letting it expire.


I know first hand that these things can be frustrating but all I can say is hurry up and wait. Believe it or not your situation is the worst that I've heard. I hope you can get your domains back.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Thanks for sharing your experience @rd. I guess I'm learning the hard way to ALWAYS transfer before expiry. What bothers me most is how little Go Daddy seem to care about my situation. I'm sure if there was money it for them there would be some effort to fast track the whole thing. Gee if I had a client waiting on this I'd be a hell of a lot more frustrated too! Perhaps this is common across other major registrars, nevertheless it's motivated me to take my business elsewhere.