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Domain Forwarding - "This site can’t be reached" error before forwarding?

Why would i be getting a "this site can’t be reached" error only very briefly, before being forwarded to the site that i forwarded my domain at? 


Re: Domain Forwarding - "This site can’t be reached" error before forwarding?

Hi BradleyConnor,


I'd like to join this thread by saying that I've been having the same issue for a few weeks now, which is annoying as you feel that you have to deal with minor things that turn out to be bigger than expected.


Basically, I've purchased my new domain and designed its webpage (a test website), everything was working fine until I was asked:


We need the website to redirect users from to and still shows it in the browser URL field when they type the domain name, I thought this was going to be as easy as forwarding the domain to, nevertheless, away from the final solution.


I have the A record pointing to the hosted IP address given by GoDaddy for the web service, the CNAME  record with value www pointing to the naked domain name (


Once I enabled domain forwarding to redirect my users to the issue began, I could see with a simple DNS lookup that all the records are ok, however, there was a record added just after saving forwarding options for this domain, in which another A record pointing to was added automatically.


; IN A

;; ANSWER SECTION: 1830 IN CNAME 486 IN A 198.X.232.X 486 IN A


The problem with that A record, is that right now when users type, the forward goes fine but the browser tries to get the website data from that IP address and not the one where the page is hosted, the worst is that you can't delete that A record and even I don't know yet what its functionality is by going through the guides that GoDaddy provides.


If I could even delete that record, I would make browsers to load the website from the IP address provided by GoDaddy, but it seems that browsers will prefer that IP over others you set up.


I've been trying to search solutions but nothing concise yet. Any help would be highly appreciated. 



Re: Domain Forwarding - "This site can’t be reached" error before forwarding?

Ditto! Me too!! And it's causing people to think my website is down or it just isn't working/loading. I have to tell people upfront to manually refresh the page and then it works. Come on!!! Really?!! I payed a lot of money (hundreds((imo))) for this to be an unsolvable issue! ANY HELP WOULD BE AMAZING and I'm using GoDaddy software, too.


Re: Domain Forwarding - "This site can’t be reached" error before forwarding?

Hi @NikkiG and @FoxReloaded,


There are several things you can check to be sure your domain is set up properly. First, be sure, if you are forwarding your domain, that you have only one A Record in the DNS. It should be a forwarding IP that begins with 184... Any additional records (that are not assigned to subdomains) can create resolution confusion. (This can be why there is a need to refresh the screen.)


If you need to include the "www" subdomain, be sure it is created as a CName and directs to "@". This is the place the domain is being directed to, so it will appear correctly for the visitor, whether or not they use "www".


Lastly, if you are forwarding the domain with masking, be sure the company providing the hosted website, will allow for the masking action. For multi-level marketing/reseller online businesses that provide you a website, you should always check with them for any specific records THEY require in the DNS to direct the domain successfully.



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Re: Domain Forwarding - "This site can’t be reached" error before forwarding?

I have checked everything that you mentioned and I am still getting the Error screen for a few seconds then it loads the forwarding page...


Re: Domain Forwarding - "This site can’t be reached" error before forwarding?

Hi @realatrends,


Welcome to the Community!


If you'll reply with the domain name, others in the Community will be able to check the resolution as well as externally check the DNS on the domain. How long ago did you setup the forwarding command?



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