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Domain Transfer before expiration date

Need to transfer few domains into another GoDaddy account. But the option is disabled. These four domains are about to expire. One domain will expire on 1/28/2017. Need to transfer these domains before that. Please give me a solution.

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Not 100% on this as I don't have all the details, but you may be able to 'purchase' the domains from the other account. Obviously you will give yourself a good deal 😉 Just go onto the domain name search page, click in your domain you wish to move. Obviously you will get back "Sorry this domain is owned" or something like that. Also you will get an option to 'purchase' it, or should. The problem started with having separate accounts. It's easier to just have the one. Hope this workaround works, I know though that it will cost a little, as Godaddy, rightly so, charge a commission on sales. But if it saves your domain then it was worth it.


Hello @dil123!


Welcome to the community! If the option to transfer your domain in does not show up, there are a couple different reasons this may be. I'd recommend reaching out to our support team to have them review this with you.


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