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Domain change due to migration from economy hosting to deluxe cPanel

When Godaddy completed my site's migration from Economy to Deluxe cPanel my DNS changed and my site had "new" added to my domain name. In order to complete the migration, I was told the following, which I can't seem to complete. Does anyone know how do delete the original? I added a subdomain hoping that would allow me to delete the original.


"You will need to remove ORIGINAL DOMAIN NAME from your original hosting account and rename NEW.DOMAIN NAME to ORIGINAL. At this point, DNS for the domain/subdomain can be pointed over to your new IP address. The easiest method is to update your current DNS zone files A records for original domain name address to point to ##.###.###.###. If you choose, you can also create your own nameservers to point your entire domain's DNS zone file too."


Hi @jimmyromano,


A domain name cannot exist on more than one hosting plan in our system. That is why you were asked to change the domain on the old hosting to a new domain, or change it to a subdomain (such as That will free up the name itself after a brief wait. Then you can change the "" that was created for you, to just  (take off the "new.") on the new deluxe plan. The IP address for the new plan can be found in the cPanel screen. You can update the A record on the domain to his new IP address so the domain will work on the new plan. 





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Having similar issue for same thing - GoDaddy completed the migration then sent this message:

You will need to remove from your original hosting account and rename to


I tried migrating the account myself, but couldn't get it done so that is why is on the new hosting account.


However, when I go to the hosting details on the economy plan in order to delete, I am not allowed to delete it.  Clicking the "x" (next the the edit pencil) in the right hand column does nothing.  Selecting the box next to select it, but the "remove" tab at the top doesn't light up (so to speak) so that I can select it in order to delete it.