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Domain not working for people in certain regions

Hi - I'm having a very strange problem and have contacted GD support multiple times but nobody has been able to help me.


I have two domains that were set up to forward to another website (this is a charitable organization). Everything was working fine for several weeks and then the other day the domain started timing out. I was able to get to the target/forwarded page directly with no problem though.


The strange thing is that it all seemed to work fine when accessed through my phone's browser.


I contacted GD support and the person was in Arizona and said the forwarding was working fine for him and that this was not a GD issue but something related to the target website. Also, some other "downforeveryone" type websites were saying that the site was up. If the problem is at the target site, why can I get to it directly? We also noticed that on, the domain had an "X" for New York, which is where I am. What does that mean? (that is now gone)


Anyway, to further debug this, I removed forwarding from one of the two domains and set it to just go to the GD parked page. Even stranger, I can now see that the IP address changed for me, to I believe GD's IP, but I'm having the same issue. I can't get to the GD parked page from my PC - it times out, but my phone now goes to the parked page.


I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out what's happening here. It almost seems like the site's are somehow being blocked by the ISP? Is that possible? I checked some blacklist sites and didn't find anything there.


GD keeps saying this is not their issue. If the non-forwarded domain still doesn't point to the parked domain page tomorrow, does this mean it is in fact a GD configuration issue of some kind? What would cause this to work for some regions/ISPs and not others? How can I debug this futher and should GD help?


Sorry for the long email - I'm pretty tech savvy with this stuff but have never seen issues like this.


My two domains are: (this still has the original forwarding turned on) (forwarding was turned off, should point to GD parked)


Thanks for any insight or advice!





Wanted to add that it has now been almost 12 hours since I made the change to point back to the GD parked page. The domain still is not working for me, but it does work from my cell phone. Does this seem like a Godaddy issue with DNS configuation?

Hi @hominamad,


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Either you resolved your issue, or the domains are resolving to another location. Both domains end up at the same website, neither of which is a parked page. However, they no longer have GoDaddy nameservers to control their destination. Let us know if you need any further help here. 



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