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Domain renewall charges growing fast every year!

Godaddy domain renewal charges


Used to be as low as $7.99 and other domains up to $14.99 without much reasonable system or explanation. Then in 2017 it cost $13.67 for all domains, no explanation again. In 2018 all domains already charged $14.99 (€14.99 to Europeans!) but with some extra charge they charged $15.17 without explanation. This year 2019 the charge is now $17.99! What for is such huge increase?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Domain renewall charges growing fast every year!

Hi @tomonis. Thanks for posting. We appreciate your candid feedback. In the last five years, GoDaddy has made a tremendous effort to improve every aspect of the service we provide. Changes range from the way customers manage their domains, to the security of accounts and the performance of our infrastructure. Our focus during this time was to make our customers’ experience, and visitors to their websites, better. After much thought, we made the decision to finish this initiative before we adjusted prices. This was a multi-year effort, requiring millions of dollars in equipment and countless hours dedicated to this project. For more information on what has changed in the last five years, please visit this GoDaddy Garage post.


Additionally, prices have raised incrementally over the last few years in correlation to increases in price at various registries. This also has an effect on domain renewal prices. Also, the price difference you mentioned from $14.99 to $15.17 is due to the 18¢ ICANN fee that is charged for every domain registration. 


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Re: Domain renewall charges growing fast every year!

I mentioned a $3 price increase, which went up to $17.99 (so $18) now (at least that's what I was invoiced this year). Regarding improvements in managing our domains (costing you millions of dollars) I have only noticed fiddling with your ever user-unfriendly and confusing interface making it even more confusing, complicated and hard to use and lacking reason as well. With millions of dollars or rather much much much less I could and would have created a much better website and service that is truly user friendly and easy to use, without trips and falls and catches. Gladly after requesting a discount I was still able to pay under $15 per domain.

Why the price increase?

Why has my domain renewal gone up suddenly? Why is it that I can buy a new domain name for $11.99 yet the domain name I have had with GoDaddy for MANY YEARS is suddenly $17.99? I feel like my long-time customer loyalty is being taken advantage of.