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Domain transfer from GoDaddy to Wix

I need assistance with transfering a domain from wix to godaddy. I have recieved a transfer code from wix but on the section to enter it, the box is also asking for a security code. Who ought to send me the security code? Wix only sent a transfer code. What next should I do please?


I have read a lot of threads, none is pointing to the solution as I keep getting stuck with security code request. Thank you!


Thank you.

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Maybe this article will help?  😉

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Getting Started

Why am I purchasing again? I have read that article over and over! I am transfering a domain, do I need to pay for it?

Hi @Ewu


If the transfer you purchased has not expired (less than 30 days ago), you do not need to repurchase the transfer. It may still be awaiting your approval in the account. If it HAS expired, you can get a credit through customer support to repurchase it without charge.


For most domain TLDs, you are sent the Transaction ID and Security Code to the Administrative email address on the domain. These need to be entered with the authorization code from your current registrar to complete the process and bring the domain to your account with us.



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