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Email issues with Gmail - bounceback Status code: 550 5.1.1

Hey guys,

Not a techie so pls bear with me.


I had issues with renewing my domain (I paid, Go Daddy still canceled). They then got it back for me, since then I've had issues with people getting bouncebacks when they try to reply (all MS users it seems).


I think we reset MX properly. Had a look, ran MX Toolbox


... and got a heap of errors....


Dived down a rabbit hole, still as lost.


Amended some records... here's where I'm at. Still getting errors?


Appreciate some help!dns.png

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Email issues with Gmail - bounceback Status code: 550 5.1.1

Hi @tobyblackler. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! A 550 bounceback error usually indicates an issue with the DNS for the domain or the address that is being sent to (or sometimes sent from). The DNS seems to be correct based on your screenshot, though you may want to check those records against your Google documentation. If you've made the changes more than 24 hours ago and the issue is still occurring, I'd recommend double-checking the addresses being used. Otherwise, you may want to try getting in touch with Gmail support in some way. Hope that helps. 


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