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Forced to renew .com for 2 years instead of 1???

Why am I getting charged double for a .com renewal? Being forced to pay for 2 years when the default profile is 1 year??? First time this has happened, have been with GD for many years. Anyone else have this happen?

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Hi @kristytaylor,


You should speak with support for account specific issues. Please do come back and tell the forum members the explanation from support.


Hey @kristytaylor,


Typically the auto-renewal is based on the amount of time last manually purchased. So if the domain in question was originally purchased for 2 years, then the same time is applied when auto-renewed.


You can change the time by manually renewing the name before it's expiration. 


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Was definitely only an initial one year rego as I only ever register .com's for one year at a time.